Monsta Infinite
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Our efforts are focused in bringing the utmost priority to accessibility and decentralisation. We have chosen to embark on this journey with NFT and gaming, built on top of Binance Smart Chain, which we believe will be more affordable and accessible to many.
We are implementing a sidechain service with EVM capabilities and interoperability with Binance Smart Chain. This will allow players to save and update their in-game assets including their Monsta without paying a fee at every step.
Network Concerns
There are some concerns over the long-term sustenance of external systems which may affect the stability of the game ecosystem. Recently, we have seen some managerial instability with Loom network team during the pandemic, which has reminded us yet again the possibility of the network deviating from the hopes of its users, and potentially leading to scalability issues. Launching our own sidechain seems to be most appealing for us at the moment, and plans are underway.
User Support
As gamers ourselves, we understand the struggle of having no assistance from the developers when one faces difficulties with the game or their account. Hence, establishment of a 24/7 game support is in one of our priority list. We acknowledge that crazy load of obligations might come along, but we value the community more than anything.
There are challenges ahead which requires careful planning and making a lot of decisions. While striving to look for a long-term solution and weighing on each possibility, we look forward to contributing in delivering more community-driven platforms for NFT gaming in the market!