Analytics & Monitoring

Monsta Infinite is equipped with a robust set of tools designed to ensure seamless analytics and monitoring throughout the transition from Web2 to Web3 gaming. Our sophisticated toolkit includes:

  1. MonstaScan: Our dedicated platform that enables real-time monitoring of every transaction and wallet activity. This tool provides comprehensive insights into ownership of in-game items, asset movements, and player interactions, enhancing transparency and security.

  2. GraphQL Integration: Our utilization of GraphQL's features ensures meticulous activity tracking on the chain. With its versatile querying capabilities, developers can fetch precisely the data they need, resulting in efficient onboarding of Web2 games and smooth interaction analytics.

  3. Backend Panel: An advanced backend panel that empowers us to gather and analyze a wide range of data points, helping us track user engagement, behavior patterns, and gameplay statistics. This information guides us in making informed decisions to optimize the user experience.

  4. Bridge Monitoring: For the Monsta Chain bridge in and out, we have implemented monitoring mechanisms that ensure smooth and secure asset transfers between networks. This functionality guarantees a seamless transition for users and maintains the integrity of the token ecosystem.

  5. Economic Metrics: Monsta Infinite employs analytical tools to track essential economic metrics, including token circulation, supply changes, and market trends. These metrics are crucial for maintaining a balanced in-game economy and preventing issues related to inflation and deflation.

  6. User Behavior Insights: Our analytics tools allow us to gain insights into user behavior, such as DAU, CLTV, ARPU, and CAC. These insights provide a comprehensive view of user engagement and financial viability, guiding our strategies.

  7. Inflation Control: With these tools, we can actively monitor and control inflation, adjusting in-game rewards, pricing structures, and token distribution mechanisms to ensure the stability of our in-game currency.

  8. Continuous Improvement: By utilizing data collected from user support interactions, feedback, and monitoring, we consistently identify areas for improvement. These insights enable us to enhance the gaming experience based on user preferences and needs.

  9. Market Insights: Our analytics tools delve into token transactions and exchanges within the game, allowing us to gain valuable market insights. This information guides us in understanding player behavior, market trends, and asset demand, informing our strategic decisions.

Through our comprehensive suite of analytics and monitoring tools, Monsta Infinite is equipped to deliver a seamless, secure, and engaging Web3 gaming experience. These tools empower us to make data-driven decisions that enhance user satisfaction, drive growth, and ensure the long-term success of our ecosystem.

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