Monsta Infinite
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Monsta Infinite

Official Monsta Infinite V2 whitepaper on 25 Aug 2021
Inspired by Axie Infinity | Puzzle&Dragons | Minecraft
Monsta Infinite is a decentralized game universe where anyone can earn tokens through playing the game competitively or for leisure.‌
Why we started Monsta Infinite?
The inception of the Monsta Infinite idea was on Feb 2021, our team's initial plan was to fork Axie Infinity and imitate it on every possible aspect as we see the potential of a lower entry cost Axie like game. Who doesn't like to be part of new MMORPG servers where that players can apply their existing experience and knowledge, but with everything time back to origin? However, the deeper our commitments are put into the development and planning, we come to realize there are different problems rooted in all the NFT games, and we thought maybe we could make a difference!‌
The Problem
​1) Pay To Win - The conventional MMORPG problem of veterans losing the competition to richer players with less skill, this will create fast growth of disparity between the poor and the rich‌
2) Overpopulated Pets/Characters - If there isn't a proper balancing mechanism, overpopulation will surely happen and weaker pet's value will eventually crash and leave no liquidity‌
3) Absence of player hierarchy - MOBA game has been a huge success as it provides enjoyment to all different hierarchy of players, players get to match with other players that are at the same range of capabilities
Please refer to our gameplay page on the proposed solution
Play To Earn
  • Competing in PVP battles to win leaderboard prizes
  • Cloning Monsta and selling them on the marketplace
  • Collecting and speculating on rare Monsta such as Legendary and Inception
  • Investing in land that can be used for virtual events in the open-world
  • Farming for the in the game currency that are needed to clone Monsta. These can be sold on exchanges.
Monsta's Mission
To make the power of internet finance easy to understand and accessible to everyone. We believe that through gamification, we can push for easier and wider adoption of blockchain technology. Fueled by the internal passion of each and every game-lover in our team and the community, we want the world to know of the wonders of gaming and how it can bring out the best of gaming and finance, show them that we weren't wrong!‌
​Monsta's Vision
  • Make blockchain gaming a fun and inspiring reality
  • Enhance the technology of blockchain and gaming
  • Create a virtual world filled with vibrant community and art
  • Accelerate the realization of Universal Basic Income
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