Monsta Classes

There will be 9 classes of Monsta from 3 moon nations. Each of them have their respective class endowment and are categorized as either STR, AGI or INT. Each category affects the attribute of the Monsta too.

In addition to the class, each Monsta are made up of 6 different parts, identified by its head, face, body, tail, arms and legs.

​Cyborg | Titan Nation

The Cyborgs constructed their own technologically advanced civilization. They use advanced techniques and tools to improve the efficiency of natural resources, and optimize their automated systems. They are constantly exploring and understanding the law of nature to fully master the regularity. Their bodies are infused with inventions and tools to help them master the energies of nature. They believe that it will help them learn more about the mysteries of the world and breakthrough the limitations they encounter.

Prime is the definition of strength, with great health and the ability to regenerate. They are capable of empowering those around them. Although they seldom follow up with many attacks, Primes can easily overpower others with pure strength.

Terminators are renowned for delivering massive critical damage to opponents. Their ability to launch rapid and high-precision attacks causes the even strongest to fall swiftly. Their contributions are very diverse, with multiple attack styles and versatile moves.

Alchemists have a geeky and gimmicky personality. They like to work and do many things in succession. While many of their abilities can be helpful to allies, some are able to use their multitasking capabilities to dominate their enemy.

Elf | Rhea Nation

Elves are magically addicted creatures, they usually live in forests and trees which contains more magical energies, keeping their contact and communication with the facets of nature. They rather respect and believe in the God of nature than make the power their own, they blend and coexist with it to create a harmonious combination. With the connection to their natural surroundings, they grow stronger day by day learning to speak to the spirits around them.

Golems are aggressive with their attacks due to their high resilience. They are not afraid of taking damage and getting hits in their face. They can reduce the efficiency of enemies with various techniques. Their attacks can stop you in your tracks if you're not careful.

Nightingales have extreme maneuverability making them effective at using most abilities. Repetition is the key when it comes to a Nightingale. When the same move is done many times, its efficiency will increase exponentially, achieving total mastery.

Prophets are the nature's charm of protection. They have the ability to keep enemies at bay and their allies alive. With their close affinity with nature, they can borrow its attributes to work wonders. They are friendly and always a powerful addition to any team.

Orc | Lapetus Nation

Orcs enjoy living in harsh environments. They believe in their own latent power and will only put trust in the strength of the body. They use primitive tools and make daily necessities to travel and experience the world. They often like to stimulate themselves in extreme environments to seek inner improvement and to test their limits. Muscle, speed, and rituals. They believe that their potential is unlimited, and are able to defeat the Gods with their endurance!

Grognak proclaims themselves as the best warriors. They are boastful and unreasonable to the point where even allies find it difficult to control them. Secretly, they are shy and kind in nature, and does their very best to protect their allies.

Juggernaut boasts the best mobility and speed. They are granted a strong and light body, coupled with a tendency to be hyperactive. They seem to have unlimited energy and likes to rush straight into battle before they even start.

Bomoh believes in the occultic ways and always manage to do something in odd ways. They often perform nonsensical actions which they claim to be effective against bad luck. Rumour has it that they can even revive the dead.

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