Monsta Infinite combines turn-based card battle system with match-three puzzle system to play a more competitive and interesting battling gameplay.‌

Turn Based Card Battle System

Each Monsta team requires exactly 3 Monstas. Each Monsta have 6 card skills, 2 attack cards, and 2 defend cards. During a battle, players can choose from 5 cards in a randomly shuffled fashion. The player must drag the card to the designated target to apply it to an ally or an enemy. After each round, the player has 5 seconds to perform orbs dragging on the match three puzzle system. If the orbs matched are the respective class' color orb, then their skills can be enhanced. HP and MP orbs are special orb that recover Monsta's HP and MP.‌

Battle initiative is decided from the difference in AGI and INT, which will determine the turn for each Monsta. Certain cards can affect the battle sequence and deny your opponents from making a move, which makes the battle more dynamic and test your wits!‌

Match-Three Puzzle System

‌Inspired by Puzzle & Dragons, There are five color orbs which each of the color orb representing a class or an attribute (Cyborg, Elf, Orc, HP recovery and MP recovery). The player has to drag an orb to adjacent positions, swapping with the orb already there. So long as the player does not let go of the orb, the player can move the orb as much as necessary within 5 seconds, allowing them to arrange for several combos in a single turn. After completing this, all matched orbs are removed from the board. The board then cascades all orbs down and fills the board up once more; this may result in more combos, known as "skyfall combos".‌

The intention of adding match three puzzle system is to solve the pay to win problem in most MMORPG game. Such system will give competitive player an advantage over their opponents. Monsta Infinite wish to make a balance on how Time, Money and Skill affects the gameplay.‌

Matchmaking and Rank

Matchmaking will be based on a system by Arpad Elo, a physics professor that came out with Elo rating system that considers various number of factors such as rank, recent match results, skill level of player, attribute of Monstas, etc. Such system would allow players to match-make with other players that has similar overall capabilities, this would promote gaming enjoyment and players could earn in game currency $STT much easier.

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