Monsta Bridge

Monsta Bridge stands as ae conduit for the fluid movement of assets between non-custodial wallets like MetaMask Wallet and Trust Wallet to the Monsta sidechain. It empowers users to effortlessly transfer MONI and STT tokens between the BNB Network and the Monsta sidechain, unlocking a myriad of possibilities within the Monsta ecosystem.

By utilizing Monsta Bridge to bridge MONI and STT tokens into the Monsta Chain, users gain access to a plethora of features and functionalities, including participation in the Marketplace, JuggySwap, and the ability to clone Monsta assets. Notably, tokens are temporarily removed from the circulating supply within the sidechain and are only reintroduced upon bridging back out into the BNB Network, ensuring a streamlined and transparent process. While our systems are currently optimized for MetaMask Wallet, users can seamlessly interact with Monsta Bridge using any compatible wallet.

It's essential to note that gas fees are involved in the transfer of MONI and STT tokens into or out of the Monsta Chain. Therefore, users should ensure their wallet is set to the BNB Network before engaging with Monsta Bridge interfaces, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient transaction experience. With Monsta Bridge, the boundaries between chains dissolve, paving the way for a seamless and interconnected digital ecosystem within Monsta Chain.

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