Emergence of Jilaka

For eons, the monstas lived peacefully on their home planet.

They had no need for weapons or advanced technology, as their environment provided everything they needed to sustain themselves. They spent their days cultivating the land, tending to their gardens and farms, and exploring the vast landscapes. Each day was a new adventure, as they discovered new species of plants and animals.

But one day, everything changed. A strange purple mist began to envelope the land, dyeing everything it touched with its eerie hue. monstas who came into contact with the mist began to fall ill, and eventually succumbed to a strange new disease. The cause of the mist was unknown, and no cure could be found for the illness.

As the mist spread, the monstas were forced to flee their homes, seeking refuge in the mountains and other remote areas. But they soon realized that the mist was everywhere, and it was impossible to escape. Panic set in as they saw their once-beautiful planet turn into a desolate wasteland.

Then, they saw them - the jilaka. Beings born from contamination of Stamen Tellus and cloning, they emerged from the purple mist and began to wreak havoc on the monstas. The jilakas were fierce and powerful, with a strength and resilience that the monstas had never seen before. The monstas were powerless to stop them.

In the midst of the chaos, the monstas made a desperate decision - they would awaken the Inception Monstas, and escape their planet to find a new home. They packed what little they could carry and set off in all directions, hoping to find a new place to call home.

The emergence of jilaka marked the end of an era for the monstas. They were forced to abandon their beloved planet and start anew among the stars. The memory of their home planet would live on, but they knew that they could never return. The jilakas had taken everything from them - their homes, their families, and their way of life.

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