Since ancient times, no one has ever decoded the secrets to the formation of the universe, the mysteries of the beginning and the inevitable end.

Scientists of human civilization believe that a big bang from 13.8 billion years ago is the point in which the universe first began expanding, initiating the age of the universe; forming all the galaxies, stars, planets and the miracles of life. Among the planetary mass in our galaxy, are there any signs of life other than the lives on Earth? Perhaps on one of the moons of the “earth star” - Shani, with its resourceful fossil lands and gentle environmental conditions, it may be possible.

However, what humans did not know was that before the age of dinosaurs, there existed a mythical and ancient civilization on the Shani Planet, known as MONSTA.

MONSTA, is an enigmatic and peculiar species, nobody knows of their origins or who their creators were. They do not identify as either gender, and have lost the ability to fertilize for reproduction. Nevertheless, life has a great mission to create the next generation, to pass on its genetic legacy. Every being in the world is built to have natural survival instincts, struggling against their extinction. Thus, they attempted a variety of solutions, some exploited the resources of the planet for research, some blended with the energy of the elements, and some evolved through extreme conditions of the environment. In this period, the limits of life along with countless desperate experiments has devastated the racial population.

At the end of the darkest and longest descent towards extinction, they achieved an unthinkable success on biological experimentation. By fabricating a genetic fusion with the extraction of two MONSTA and their Stamen Tellus combined with the Critus Furnace, the first genetic clone of two INCEPTION MONSTA was produced. Ultimately, the remaining 4088 INCEPTION MONSTA decided to seal themselves, reminding their descendants to only awaken them when faced with a new crisis of destruction.

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