Monsta Population & Long-term Sustainability

Monsta Infinite is a platform that combines virtual gaming with the reality of the market. In the past, game assets owned by players do not represent ownership and does not carry any intrinsic value in the real world. Often, the end of a game project causes all player-invested time and money to be lost. Even for valuable in-game items once sought after by players will become worthless after the company collapses or changes direction as the existance of game assets do not continue outside of the game. When players want to admire and commemorate their collections, nothing will be left besides some memories and photos of the past.

The invention of the NFT standard allow buyers to keep their proprietary rights to their original assets and allow monetization of virtual assets in the real world. Consequently, all the in-game items will be tokenized, and buyers retain full ownership of items and independent selling rights, which will not be monopolized by the game developer. As such, the funds and work invested by players and artists will forever be materialized in the real market. With the setting of rightful assets, funds and fees; a self-sufficient and sustainable ecosystem is created, whereas game assets will be priced with usable and collectible value.

The Game

Monsta Infinite is a game that relies on strategy and technique, with unlimited possibilities of expansion to bring gamers around the world a fun and rich experience. In addition, outstanding players will be awarded $STT or $MONI tokens, setting a standard for friendly competition between players.

The open-world aspect of Monsta Infinite is one of the biggest elements that will bring out the best in the virtual world. Not only does it add a vast range of interaction opportunities between players, it also fulfils the social aspect that extends far beyond the game. Players can connect to their audience through live streaming platforms, and build their own network, hosting or participating in mini-games and live events.

The existence of Monsta Infinite will bring more people to come to understand blockchain technology. It will bring increased engagement and faith to the future of all other industries. In order to ensure the balance and longevity of the game, Monsta Infinite will continue to maximize the circulation of assets to allow the game economy to sustain itself. Last but not least, the endless possibilities brought forth by the open-world system allows us to push new content to the users through inviting sponsors and advertisers. All revenue will be used not only to maintain the Monsta Infinite ecosystem, but also to allow developers to upgrade the game system with fresh content, and continue to deliver exciting experiences to all players!

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