Interoperability Standards

At Monsta Infinite, we envision a seamless integration not just within our ecosystem, but also with the wider blockchain and gaming world. Here's how we're forging these connections:

Cross-Platform Interactions

  • EVM Compatibility: Monsta Chain is designed to be inherently compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains. This ensures a level of universality and eases potential future integrations with EVM-based platforms.

  • Dedicated Bridging Solutions: Our commitment to cross-chain interactions is evident in our current bridge to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). These bridges are crafted in-house, guaranteeing robustness and security. By eschewing third-party solutions, we eliminate potential backdoors and ensure heightened security. Moreover, we are in continuous pursuit of bridging opportunities with other blockchains to augment our interoperable landscape.

Standard Protocols

While the blockchain gaming sphere continues to evolve, several standards have emerged to ensure consistency and compatibility:

  • ERC Standards: Given our EVM compatibility, it's implicit that we align with various Ethereum standards, like ERC-20 for fungible tokens and ERC-721 & ERC-1155 for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These standards are the bedrock of token creation and management within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Asset Portability

In an interconnected gaming world, the portability of assets, especially NFTs, becomes paramount:

  • Bridged Asset Transfers: With our dedicated bridges, like the one to BSC, we facilitate seamless and secure transfer of in-game assets across chains. This ensures that an NFT minted or earned within Monsta Infinite can find utility, trade, or display in other connected ecosystems.

  • Universal Game Asset Recognition: Beyond mere transfer, we're working towards a model where in-game assets can potentially be recognized and utilized across different gaming platforms. This vision, while ambitious, aims to redefine the very essence of digital ownership and utility.

Our efforts in interoperability underscore our belief in a unified, interconnected blockchain landscape. We're not just crafting a game; we're contributing to a new digital frontier where boundaries are fluid and opportunities are limitless.

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