Age of Ancestors

The monsta civilization on the Shani planet remains a mystery to this day. Despite countless research efforts, their origins and creators have yet to be discovered. However, one thing is certain - their story is one of survival and determination in the face of extinction.

Through countless experiments and exploits of the planet's resources, the monstas attempted to find a solution to their dwindling population. They sought immortality through genetic manipulation and technological advancements but ultimately failed, causing a great divide among the remaining monstas.

It was their success in biological experimentation that ultimately saved them from extinction. By combining the genetic material of two monstas with Stamen Tellus inside the Critus Furnace, they were able to create the first genetic clone of two Inception Monstas.

This success, however, came at a great cost.

The monsta population had already been devastated by their desperate experiments, and only 4088 Inception Monstas remained. They made the difficult decision to seal themselves away, leaving behind a warning to their descendants to only awaken them in times of crisis.

The story of the monsta civilization serves as a reminder of the resilience and ingenuity of life in the face of adversity. It also reminds us that the mysteries of the universe and our origins are yet to be fully unraveled, and that there is still much to discover and explore.

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