Security & Privacy

Security and Privacy: Fortifying Monsta Infinite's Foundations

Security and privacy concerns in blockchain gaming are significant, as they involve both digital assets (like cryptocurrencies and NFTs) and personal data. We addressed each of the mentioned security and privacy concerns below and safeguard it by specific strategies and practices. It's always our priority in developing our blockchain and games.

Smart Contract Vulnerabilities

  • Regular Audits: Conduct thorough and regular audits of smart contracts by reputable third-party auditors. We have some big names work together with us.

  • Secure Development Practices: Implement best practices in smart contract development, including using well-established code patterns and avoiding experimental or untested features.

  • Bug Bounties: Offer bug bounty programs to incentivize the community to find and report vulnerabilities.

Wallet Security

  • Education: Educate users about phishing scams and safe practices for managing private keys and seed phrases.

  • Secure Wallet Options: Recommend or provide secure wallet options with robust security features.

Rug Pulls and Scams

  • Due Diligence: Before inviting games to deploy on monsta chain, we will do some due diligence on the game's developers, their track record, and the project's transparency.

  • Smart Contract Analysis: We have our in house smart contract auditor to analyze the game's smart contracts for signs of potential rug pulls, such as the ability for developers to withdraw funds unilaterally.

  • Community Vigilance: Engage with the game's community and heed warnings from experienced members about potential scams.

Front Running and Market Manipulation

  • Transparent Mechanisms: We adapt mechanisms that make market manipulation harder, such as time-delayed transactions or average price calculations over a period.

  • Monitoring: Monitor transaction patterns for signs of front running or manipulation.


  • Tamper Detection: We have our central authority server acts as an arbiter during player matches. While bypassing attempts may emerge, our dynamic detection systems are geared to identify and neutralize them.

  • Bot Deterrence: We believe that games should remain organic, interactive experiences. Hence, we have our precautions against bot interventions, preserving the game's essence.


  • Users on Monsta Infinite operate under pseudonyms or addresses. These unique identifiers provide anonymity, ensuring real-world identities remain concealed.

Data Privacy

  • We judiciously decide what information goes on-chain and what stays off-chain. Critical financial transactions are transparently logged on-chain, while sensitive personal information remains off-chain in secured databases.

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