Integration Method

Supported Engines:

Monsta Infinite's engine is designed for versatility, supporting integration with leading game engines in the industry. Currently, we've achieved compatibility with:

  • Unity: A widely-used engine known for its flexibility across multiple platforms.

  • Unreal Engine: Renowned for its high-fidelity graphics and real-time rendering capabilities.

Any browser based games can be supported into our ecosystem as well. Our focus is on continuous expansion, aiming to integrate with other engines in the future based on community demand and industry trends.

Plugins for Monsta Chain:

Facilitating the integration process, Monsta Infinite offers an array of plugins tailored for both Unity and Unreal Engine. These plugins aim to bridge the gap between traditional gaming and blockchain:

  • Asset Tokenization Plugin: Enables developers to tokenize in-game assets easily, making them tradable and ownable on the blockchain.

  • Game Token Management Plugin: Simplifies the process of deploying and managing in-game tokens, be it for in-game currency, rewards, or other utilities.

  • Monsta Wallet Authentication Plugin: Streamlines the user login using Monsta Wallet. This not only offers a unified login system but also ensures user's game data, assets, and progress are securely stored on-chain.

  • Blockchain Event Listener Plugin: Allows games to respond to on-chain events in real-time, enhancing user engagement with dynamic in-game scenarios based on blockchain interactions.

  • Smart Contract Interaction Plugin: Abstracts the complexities of blockchain interactions, allowing developers to execute, call, or query smart contracts with ease.

Onboarding Process:

  1. Initial Consultation & Economic Model Advisement:

    • Game Overview: Developers express interest and provide a brief about their game. This helps the Monsta Infinite's team understand the game's requirements and scope of integration.

    • Economic Model Guidance: At Monsta Infinite, we recognize that a strong economic foundation is key for a game's longevity and success. Therefore, during this phase, our experts provide insights and recommendations tailored to the game's unique characteristics. We explore various economic models, including:

      • Value Recirculation Model: A system where early users might benefit from the participation of new users, ensuring a dynamic and active user base. While ensuring it is implemented transparently and ethically to avoid the negative connotations associated with traditional Ponzi schemes.

      • Wager System: A risk-reward based model where users can wager assets or tokens with the potential of earning higher rewards, creating exciting gameplay scenarios and fostering a vibrant in-game economy.

    Our advisement ensures that developers not only have a technical integration but also a well-thought-out economic structure for their game.

  2. Asset Tokenization: Developers utilize Monsta Chain plugins to tokenize in-game assets, making them tradable and ownable on the blockchain.

  3. Game Token Deployment: Developers deploy game-specific tokens using our tailored tools for various in-game utilities.

  4. Monsta Wallet Integration: Seamlessly incorporate the Monsta Wallet authentication system, ensuring a unified user experience and on-chain data storage.

  5. Test Environment Access: A sandboxed environment for developers to test on-chain interactions and ensure smooth gameplay.

  6. Final Review: Post-integration, the game is reviewed for both compliance and functionality by Monsta Infinite's team.

  7. Launch: After securing approval, the game is introduced to the vast Monsta Infinite community.

Our objective with these resources is to ensure that while the integration is technically profound, the process remains as seamless and straightforward for developers as possible.

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