Short-term Goals

In the short term, Monsta Infinite and Monsta Chain are embarking on a journey of strategic development, focusing on foundational elements that will set the stage for sustained growth and innovation. This section outlines our immediate objectives and the steps we are taking to establish a robust framework for the future.

Short Term Goals Overview:

  1. Enhancing Scalability: Our foremost priority is to optimize the scalability of Monsta Chain. We are diligently working on refining the infrastructure to accommodate a higher volume of transactions and interactions without compromising efficiency. This enhancement ensures a seamless user experience even as our ecosystem expands.

  2. User Onboarding Experience: We are committed to making the onboarding experience for users intuitive and accessible. By streamlining the process of acquiring $MONI and $STT tokens, we aim to eliminate barriers to entry and invite a broader audience to participate in the MonstaVerse.

  3. Developer Tools and Resources: Recognizing the pivotal role developers play in shaping our ecosystem, we are actively developing comprehensive tools and resources. These resources empower developers to build and deploy their projects on Monsta Chain efficiently, opening doors to new creative horizons.

  4. Cross-Platform Integration: To maximize accessibility, we are working on integrating Monsta Infinite across various platforms. This cross-platform approach enables users to engage with the MonstaVerse seamlessly, regardless of their preferred device or medium.

  5. Community Engagement: Our short term goals also revolve around fostering a vibrant and engaged community. We are enhancing communication channels, hosting events, and initiating collaborative efforts to unite users and developers in the shared vision of Monsta Infinite and Monsta Chain.

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