Blockchain & Smart Contract

MonstaChain: The Future of Game-centric Blockchain

Step into the future with Monsta Chain, the technological marvel that serves as the backbone of Monsta Infinite. Our cutting-edge blockchain, seamlessly operating as a gaming private blockchain, brings forth a multitude of advancements, setting us miles apart in the blockchain gaming realm.

  1. Eliminate Gas Fees: With our layer2 architecture, bid farewell to gas fees. This unprecedented move translates to unmatched transactional cost-efficiency. Developers, for the first time, are free from the shackles of gas costs, enabling unrestrained experimentation and faster game iterations.

  2. Seamless Cross-Chain Integration: While Monsta Chain is currently anchored seamlessly on the Binance Smart Chain, our architecture is designed for effortless expansion. We have the capability to bridge effortlessly to other blockchains, promising developers unmatched flexibility and reach.

  3. All-In-One Ecosystem: At Monsta Chain, we're not just about blockchain. We've built an all-encompassing game-centric ecosystem. From the Monsta Marketplace for trading game assets, JuggySwap for in-game token exchanges, the secure MonstaWallet, to the MonstaScan for blockchain insights and our exclusive Launchpad for budding game projects – everything a game developer might need is already here, under one roof.

  4. Focused on Gaming: Unlike generic blockchains, Monsta Chain is crafted with gaming at its core. Every tool, every feature, and every integration point back to a singular aim: to provide the best platform for developing and deploying blockchain games.

Dive into a world where technology and gaming coalesce. Monsta Chain's trailblazing advancements are not just a leap for developers but a giant stride for the entire blockchain gaming community. Onboard with us, and let's reshape the future of blockchain gaming together.

Empowering Developer Creativity:

Traditional blockchains, with their intricate interactions and steep learning curves, make the onboarding process of web2 games to web3 games difficult.

One of Monsta Chain's flagship offerings is our extensive smart contract library. By providing developers access to a collection of pre-constructed, well-tested smart contracts tailored for gaming scenarios, we significantly diminish the time and expertise typically required to craft these contracts from scratch. This not only means quicker development cycles but also implies that even Web2 game projects, which might not possess in-depth blockchain expertise, can effortlessly integrate blockchain functionalities without extensive manpower or grappling with the intricacies of smart contract development.

Smart Contract: Elevating Monsta Chain

Smart contracts lie at the heart of Monsta Chain's capabilities, enabling diverse in-game interactions and functionalities. With a repertoire of tailor-made smart contracts, we can offer both flexibility and security to game developers and players. Here are some specific smart contracts we've incorporated:

  1. Token Claiming from Wallet Contract: This contract allows games to claim tokens directly from players' wallets. Whenever there are expenses in game, players can set an allowance for master-chef to directly claim tokens from their wallet as "expenses". This smart contract ensures projects on Monsta Chain can on board seamlessly.

  2. Token Distribution Smart Contract: Designed to automate and secure the process of distributing tokens, whether it's for in-game rewards, or other distributions. This contract ensures the right amount reaches the right wallet without human intervention, minimizing errors and ensuring transparency.

  3. Asset Creation & Management Contract: This smart contract would enable game developers to mint and manage in-game assets, such as NFTs. It provides tools to create, update, and retire assets as needed, catering to the dynamic nature of games.

  4. Player Progression & Achievement Contract: It records players' milestones, achievements, and progression in games. This can be beneficial for games with a leveling system or where players earn badges, ensuring their efforts and accomplishments are permanently stored and recognized.

  5. Trade & Exchange Contract: Facilitates peer-to-peer trade of in-game assets or tokens between players. This ensures a decentralized marketplace where players can buy, sell, or trade their assets without relying on centralized platforms.

  6. Game Mechanics Contract: Depending on the game, there might be specific mechanics that can be encoded in a smart contract. For example, in a strategy game, the contract might dictate the outcomes of player battles based on the input strategies, ensuring fairness and transparency.

  7. Loot Box & Randomized Reward Contract: For games that offer loot boxes or other randomized rewards, this contract ensures a provably fair system where players can verify the randomness and fairness of their rewards.

By leveraging these varied smart contracts, Monsta Chain provides both developers and players a holistic, transparent, and secure gaming experience, where interactions are not only smooth but also trustworthy.

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