Monsta Infinite
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Decentralized Organization

More details will be announced together with staking. $MONI holders will be able to stake and participate in economic decisions for the Monsta Infinite ecosystem.
Part of our vision is to make Monsta Infinite truly decentralized on technology, economy and authority. The community is encouraged to take up obligations on steering the game's future and get rewarded accordingly. However, such approach should be taken cautiously and the migration will be released stage by stage, as what we are doing is still a new and unexplored subject that remains untouched by many. Hence, our approach will be updated along with the growth of the community from time to time.
We are looking forward to engage with communities of other NFT games and share our voting rights with them. In order to encourage a cooperative nature between games, and possibly even interoperate NFT assets between games and marketplace, we would like to have key players on board!
Last modified 2yr ago