Monsta Infinite
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Monsta from the Shani Planet has no reproductive system like humankind. In order to reproduce, the genes of the two Monstas has to be fused in a Critus Furnace to undergo Synthesis Cloning with the help of Stamen Tellus.
​Stamen Tellus Token ($STT)
$STT is the in game currency of Monsta Infinite, it can be earned through battling and world gameplay. It is required for Synthesis Cloning and can be used to buy cosmetics that carry no attribute.
Synthesis Cloning a Monsta costs $STT depending on how many times the Monsta has been cloned, there is a maximum amount of times a Monsta can be cloned.

Clone Cost

First Cloning Process 988 STT
Second Cloning Process 1988 STT
Third Cloning Process 5988 STT
Fourth Cloning Process 11988 STT
Note that the STT prices are a reference to the cost of cloning per parent. Each cloning requires 2 Parents to clone.