Monsta Infinite
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​"Play games can make a living ah? Spend time to do something good, or you won't even get a job as a rubbish collector!", that's what my mum used to say while nagging at me when I was a kid.‌
Such mentality may be valid in the past era, but I believe that things have already taken a huge turn in favor of global participation and decentralization of the societies in the world. With the ignition of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and many more technologies to come, I see a world of possibilities for a new model of gaming monetization and shared ownership, where gamers truly own the progress and result of their hard work. Instead of the traditional model of gamers paying companies to delivery entertainment, the revenue generated by the game is redistributed to the players, rewarding each and every party for their contribution and making play to earn possible.‌
We are a team of 11 from Singapore and Malaysia. We don't have a celebrity team, nor do we have big corporates backing us as partners. Likewise, we are just normal people that are passionate in starting and running a project to create games that will accelerate the realization of Universal Basic Income. It is heart-breaking to see the rich getting richer while a vast majority of the working class struggling to put food on the table. Monsta Infinite envisions to create a long-lasting ecosystem where every player can stake in as shareholders and get rewarded fairly.‌
____________ Jin Tan