Monsta Infinite
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There are a few common ways that malicious players can abuse the game which potentially undermines the passion of other community members for their own profit.
The first way is to use a modified or tampered client to load the game. This can be controlled by having a central authority server that acts as a referee between players during a match. A variety of ways can be used to bypass the system, but detection is possible.
We are looking at methods of verifying the results of the game and match three puzzle solving using a variety of methods and algorithms. One of the most interesting solution proposed was to bring in an integration with Cartesi Machines. Recently, they have published a proof-of-concept involving a poker game that involves emulating the actions of the player from client side and to replay it in a Cartesi Machine or "Descartes" validator to determine an attempt at cheating. This may bring us closer to a solution for fighting against cheaters, provided that Cartesi goes in line with our plans, as their product remains in an early stage.
Another concern is the deployment of automatic farming bots, which in our opinion, defeats the purpose of the game and removes the fun from it. While we have massive plans to generate random and exciting battle experiences that are very difficult to automate against, it is definitely not an impossible task.
Using the match-three puzzle system, we plan to develop and improve it into a natural form of CAPTCHA algorithm which makes it harder for bots to solve. This will bring massive disadvantages to bots during battles.