Monsta Infinite

ERC1155 - NFT Standard

Traditionally, NFT has started off using what became the ERC721 NFT Standard. Many of the prior NFT games are required to deploy a new contract for every collection of items or resources in the game. We believe that there needs to be more freedom to express in the virtual world than being limited to these constraints. Thus, we will utilize the ERC1155 Multi Token Standard, to make it possible to store a vast array of multi-asset NFT items using only one smart contract.
IPFS Assets
The ERC1155 smart contract utilizes an immutable URI that points to a link that stores the JSON file. Decentralisation is achieved through storage of data files in IPFS systems, which delivers content with a peer-to-peer distributed method of storage. Consequently, files stored on a public domain are subject to garbage collection, which deletes the file after a period of inactivity. IPFS pinning services allow content to be marked available even with a period of inactivity, by redistributing the file.
Monsta Pinning Service
Our plan involves building our own servers to pin every file asset related to Monsta Infinite, which prevents them from being completely removed from the IPFS distribution. In our effort to maintain the game ecosystem through decentralisation, we may even allow all members of the community to host the server and download a copy of the network. When an asset is changed or upgraded, a new copy of the asset properties shall be created. The history of every transaction will maintain its traceability as past asset details will never disappear from existance.
Compared to ERC721 contracts, ERC1155 allows the storage of Monsta and item attributes in JSON format. This means that we can freely expand upon new additions and game features with much greater creativity. With this, we are one step closer to achieving the open-world we envisioned.